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Attention ASE Families

Please be aware of the following program policies:

  • Emergency medication (like asthma inhalers and epipens) should be given to the ASE on-site facilitator at the start of each semester so that this medication is readily available to children during ASE program hours if needed. The facilitator will hold on to this medication for the duration of the semester (storing it safely at the school) and return it to families at the end of each semester. Be sure to make note of any such medication/medical needs during course registration. Email with any questions.

  • No changes to registration can take place after the semester's registration window closes. Students will not be able to be added to a class, switched to a different class, or dropped from a class after the last day of registration. Please be sure that your enrollment selections are confirmed prior to this date.

  • Refunds cannot be issued once enrollment has been processed. Credit, however, can be issued and applied to the cost of enrollment for a different class and/or semester. Credit cannot be awarded after the registration window closes; families looking to pull their child from a class after the registration window closes forfeit their payment.

  • Update School Dismissal Manager each day that your child stays after school for ASE programming. You will find a dropdown menu on SDM that will allow you to select your child's ASE class for that day and note pickup or YMCA details as well.

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